Various Series of HP Laptops

HP is known as one of the most famous laptop manufacturers in the world. This can make some HP laptop users confused so they choose the wrong laptop. HP is a well-known laptop manufacturer from America. HP laptops are known to the world as a personal computer brand that has many series. Consumers can choose a hp laptop that suits their needs.

Choose the HP laptop series that suits your usage. Choosing the HP laptop series that suits your needs is often confusing. Therefore, we will help you by introducing the five series of HP laptops first.

The OMEN series: The mainstay of heavyweight gaming
The OMEN series has specifications that are suitable for those of you who need a high-performance laptop. This series is equipped with a CPU and graphics chip that will satisfy big gamers. This laptop series can also be used by graphic designers who need a lot of software when working. Unfortunately, this laptop is not designed to accompany your mobility. Sei OMEN laptop weight can reach 2.4 Kg for sizes 15.6 inches to 17 inches. In fact, some laptops weigh up to 3 kg so they are not suitable for carrying around. We recommend that this laptop be used as a stationary device only.

ENVY series: Comfortable to wear on the go
This series is suitable for those of you who frequently conduct business meetings, or work outside. ENVY has a relatively long battery life of 13 hours. In addition, this laptop is very light, weighing less than 1 kg. If you choose a laptop that is equipped with a high-performance CPU, then you will have no problem with the processing capacity.

HP Series: For limited use of e-mail and the internet
The HP series is entry-class laptops equipped with Full HD monitors. HP is recommended for those of you who only use a laptop for writing or surfing the internet. Some laptops of this series use affordable AMD CPUs.

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