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Brighten Dull Face

A face that is smooth and bright is also the dream of almost all women. To get it, sometimes it’s not as easy as turning your palm. Actually, there are many factors that make the face dull, some of which, namely, lack of moisture in the skin, lack of water intake, stress, lack of sleep, sunlight, and dust that make facial skin color dull and even black. Of course, you don’t want your facial appearance to be dull, right? In order to make your face bright and blush again, here are some ways to naturally lighten a dull face below or use supplements for glowing skin.

Always Clean Your Face, the first way to brighten your face, namely by cleaning it regularly. If you want to naturally lighten dull facial skin, it is important to clean your face every day at least 2 times a day in the morning before activities and at night before going to bed. For maximum facial cleaning results, you should use a cleanser that has a brightening or whitening label, to make your face cleaner. Facial cleansing products that have this label must contain ingredients that can make your face look brighter.

Using a moisturizer, another way to brighten your face that can be done is by regularly using a moisturizer. This step is mandatory because moisturizer has an important role in maintaining facial moisture. Use a moisturizer that has the ability to whiten the face. In addition, it is also highly recommended to use a serum that has a stronger ability to solve your facial skin problems. Instead, choose a serum that contains vitamin C to brighten your dull face.

Use a sunscreen, you know that the sun has a bad effect on the face? One of the effects, namely the color of the skin that can darken or blacken. Therefore, the way to minimize the impact of a dull face from the sun is to use sunscreen on the face and neck before carrying out daily activities, as one way to brighten dull facial skin.