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Have These 5 Qualities To Become A Nurse

Nursing is a department that has a lot of enthusiasts. The promising job prospects offer special traction, especially since we are still short on nurses. But is the nursing profession right for you? And, by the way, do you know that a nurse should have the following characteristics? Interested in the story of being a nurse? Read here

1. Have Knowledge and Empathy
A nurse must have sufficient medical knowledge to carry out her profession. But knowing is not enough. . The reason is, the job of nurses is not far from caring for and accompanying sick people.

So, in addition to understanding anatomy and various medical devices, a nurse must also have empathy and concern for other people, especially patients. Both the practice of inserting medical devices and serving the patient is equally important.

2. Have a strong mentality
Does being a nurse have to be smart? Certainly, because the Nursing Science course material is almost similar to the Medical Science course material. However, again, it takes more than the brain to be a nurse.

As a Nursing Science student, you will have to undergo field practice later. During this practice period, you have to work overtime and stay up late when you get the night shift schedule. In between the work schedule, they still have to compile a Nursing Care report (Askep) which is not just a sheet or two with a tight deadline.

Does it sound horrible? Well, you’ll thank you for having such training after you work as a nurse. As a nurse, later you have to be ready to work on a predetermined shift, complete with paperwork that must be done, without complaining too much.

3. Can Communicate Well and Effectively
During college, prospective nurses learn about meeting basic human needs. The concept of service and social aspects in Nursing is the fundamental difference with Medical Science. In Nursing Science, good health services have a big role in healing patients.

That is why to be a good nurse, you need to have skills in communication. Good and effective communication is essential when dealing with a wide variety of patients with various medical problems.

4. Can Work in Groups
There are also health care tasks for patients that must be done jointly by several nurses at once. Therefore, the ability to work with other people is an important asset for prospective nurses.

The good thing is that the skills to work in this group have been trained since college. The pile of lecture material makes Nursing students have to study in groups. After distributing lecture materials, Nursing students will usually study together for the sake of time efficiency.

5. Can Maintain Personal Hygiene
Personal hygiene or personal hygiene is important for nurses. Working with patients means that you will encounter a variety of conditions and ailments. How do you keep yourself safe from potential health risks if you don’t have good personal hygiene?

For the patient himself, a sterile environment is very important. That is why nurses are required to sterilize the necessary medical equipment – including their hands and clothes. Besides, cleanliness of the work environment is an important point in nursing professional certification. And you don’t want to fail in it.