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Watches Accentuate Men’s Maturity! How can?

Watches or watches are accessories that you must wear if you want to look cool both at home and every time you go out with your crush or girlfriend. Without a watch, your wrist will appear empty. And even though you are already cool in a suit, pants, and shoes, without a watch you will feel like something is missing. Bland and incomplete, like fewer salt dishes. And one thing you should know: You can be more confident if you maximize your appearance. And one way is by wrapping the watch around the wrist. Therefore, do not occasionally underestimate the existence of a watch. Therefore, paying attention to the importance of best watches for men. The first thing to pay attention to is the proportion of your wrist to the diameter of the watch. If you have a large wrist, a watch with a wide diameter will be a better fit August Berg.

Vice versa. It is important to pay attention to the proportions of this size because if it is not suitable it will give the impression that your watch is too big or too small. Instead of getting cooler, you might look even stranger. The second is the model. There are three types of men’s watches: formal, sporty, and casual. Formal and sporty watches are suitable for wearing informal activities, such as work, meeting with clients, or attending formal invitations. While the casual model is more suitable for casual events such as a trip to the mall, dating at a café, or a picnic. Pay attention to this model if you are planning a date with your crush, whether after work hours or on weekends.

The third is the design. As a grown man, you should reinforce the mature image in yourself, so avoid watches with digital designs that are mostly buttons and features. This makes you look like a walking robot. Not at all a characteristic of a cool adult man, right? The fourth is the color. There are only three colors that are suitable for formal styles: silver, black, and brown. These three colors are suitable for most types of men’s skin tones and other fashion items that you wear. Apart from the three colors, you also have to be very good at mixing and matching with other fashion items so that your appearance becomes even more stylish.