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The Reason Why Some People Like to Watch Horror Movies

According to Glenn Sparks, a professor and chief associate of the Brian Lamb School of Communication at Purdue University, the first reason is the sensation that is felt after watching horror films through go 123 movies. Sparks’ research found that when people watched scary movies, their heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing increased. After the film is finished, these physiological sensations are still felt.

Instead of feeling the fear that you felt while watching a movie, what you feel is feeling good. You also want to feel it again and again. Some people tend to enjoy high levels of physiological stimulation, says Sparks. According to Sparks, about 10% of the world’s population likes the adrenaline rush. This also explains why some people don’t like watching horror films. They find it difficult to filter out the unwanted stimulus – the feeling of being afraid – within them.

Some people like scary movies because they like things that are out of the ordinary or weird. “Humans will notice something strange in their environment,” said Sparks. He likens the curiosity of this horror film to the same as when you see a road accident ó although you may be afraid to see if a victim is bleeding, you are curious and want to see it. “Because you don’t see things like that every day,” he explained. Some people are shown scary scenes which can build up various imaginations. The existing imagination makes it difficult for them to sleep. Who if you want to sleep gets scared and doesn’t want the lights to be turned off? If you have this, you must have felt excessive fear. Your imagination goes everywhere.

Horror movies can relieve stress? Well, you can. This was known in ancient times as ‘catharsis’, wherein you are constantly exposed to more terrifying scenes so you get used to negative feelings. You as the audience will have a more positive and relieved feeling when you see the victim escaping a ghost or a scary incident in the film.