How Your Watch Help Your Appearance At Work

Speaking of appearance style, an office with a modern culture can be a minefield. Everything from how to dress to cool conversations requires you to tread carefully to climb the top of your career. But what about CEOs in the tech world where they only wear hoodies and jeans and sneakers for meetings, then what about executives who have to wear suits to the office? Is it true that choosing the right AUGUST BERG can help appearance? So true! How to choose the right watch will enhance a person’s look. Apart from bags or shoes, how to choose a watch can make a significant difference to the outfit you wear. The professional impression is lifted high by the existence of these small accessories, but how to choose the right watch can also make you more confident and increase your status.

But choosing the best style for work is not something to think about – in fact, you need a disciplined concept in how to choose the right watch for the office so that it doesn’t look too much and the most avoidable thing is that you don’t look less professional. Here’s how to choose a watch to make it look professional, and keep your job. The key to matching a watch lies in the dress code you have to wear to the office. Are suits the only clothes you can wear? Or do you have enough free space in your clothes? After all, it is impossible if you wear a suit with a full tie and then you look like wearing a sporty watch with a strap made of rubber. If you wear very formal work clothes, it’s best to choose a strap that is made of leather and steel. Avoid wearing rubber straps or straps.

Suit and tie no longer negotiable? Then you have to make sure your wrists are just as formal. You will look more serious if you are seen wearing a classic watch with a steel bracelet or leather strap such as black, brown, or deep burgundy. Avoid wearing watches that convey a stylish ‘statement’ too much. Making an impression is indeed important, but the meeting room is not a place for peacocks to show off their beautiful feathers, just insert classic little pieces that are so effortless.

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