Avoid These Mistakes when Washing Your Car at Home!

People who are busy with work routines usually don’t have much time to maintain their cars. As a result, the car looks dull because it is rarely washed. When you have free time, then the car is washed at home to save time and money. Washing a car at home can indeed be done by anyone. However, that doesn’t mean you’ve been washing your car properly. You must recognize the following car washing mistakes. So you don’t do it again when you wash your car at home. In addition, you can visit our website to get the Best vehicle detailing.

Don’t Use Car Shampoo
The use of car shampoo is very important to maintain the quality of car paint and body. Because car shampoo is specially formulated with ingredients that are safe for cars. You should not wash your car with detergent or other liquid soap. Prepare a quality car shampoo to maintain the body material and paint the color of your car. Now, car shampoo is not always expensive and is sold in many practical sachets.

Washing the Car in the Hot Sun
Many people decide to wash their cars during the day so they can dry quickly. In fact, this actually risks causing water spots on the surface of the car. Car body material can quickly become dull if you wash it hot. We recommend that you wash your car in the morning or evening when the weather is not too hot. So you can wash it thoroughly and avoid the risk of damage to the car paint.

Do not Clean The Car Doors
When washing a car, people usually only focus on the visible parts. In fact, cars must also be cleaned thoroughly. Do not let dirt or soapy water residue build up between the car doors. If left unchecked, dirt and the remaining soapy water is prone to rust or brittle on car rubber components. Clean all between doors thoroughly and dry with a clean cloth.

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