Wood Use With The Same Concept Of Home And Fence

The wooden house became one of the most popular homes, one of which is a wooden house located in San Francisco, established in 1850, all the walls using wood taken from trees of very old age. This can be seen in the appearance of dark brown wood even tends to dark. To the outside, the renovation is only done by changing the shutters are replaced with glass so it looks more modern and luxurious look, but the glass window then makes the home atmosphere can look brighter and fresh and elegant. For the inside, some parts of the wall are removed and then used to make a fence. So it is not surprising if the look of the fence has a house shape and color that is not different from the color of the building wall. To the left of the fence, there is a door that can be shifted to the right, if it is in an open position then this gate can be used for access to enter the house at once to enter the car or vehicle because it has a wide size. For the manufacture of exotic fences like this, you can directly use the services of Hire In.

You can also make a wooden fence that serves as a wall of the house, such as the fence located on the far right is a small door that serves as access to enter into the house, the form is simple, consisting only of the arrangement of wooden planks arranged vertically and given the frame the size is equally small. For a two-story house building, all walls using horizontally arranged wood, both on the front and side, have the same concept. Downstairs, on the front there are three windows of the same size all and placed in the middle, on top there are ornaments or decorations of wood profiles. The existence of this profile wood makes the window look more artistic and beautiful.

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